Agile working in an age of coronavirus

A virtual roundtable with employers from across industry in June 2020 to discuss agile working at a time of coronavirus and how it can be embedded as the pandemic passes.

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Has coronavirus transformed attitudes to agile working? How can agile working be embedded into organisations in the months to come and when the worst of the pandemic has passed?

A virtual roundtable was held on June 18th 2020 with diversity and recruitment experts from nine cross-industry organisations to discuss these topics. Gillian Nissim, founder of WM People, hosted the event and kicked off with speaking about the organisation’s commitment to sharing and promoting best practice in diversity and flexible working, and about the need for employers to come together to talk about the challenges they were facing during the pandemic.

Some of the employers taking part in the round table shared their experiences of being suddenly thrown into remote working, having often not been particularly agile organisations before. They spoke about how they were keen to be more proactive about agile working, rather than reactive, so that they can make changes which would last longer term.

Other employers had been practicing flexible working for some time, but wanted to learn more about how they can improve agile working in their organisations –  which they felt needed to be clearly defined.

Some employers were having to recruit rapidly in response to the coronavirus and because of social distancing and a reduction in office space over recent years many had to work from home. Others worked with career returners who needed support. Some feared shift patterns had become more rigid during the pandemic, making them less agile.

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