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You’ll find many brilliant people in workplaces everywhere, but most would agree that healthcare professionals are exceptional. They have a seemingly endless stamina to help those in need, no matter what the circumstances. We’ve seen this during the pandemic so far and we will see it again this winter.

But as WM People and other visionary organisations well know, those who work in healthcare are human just like the rest of us and they have limits. They also have lives – families, friends, interests, passions – outside work and flexible working is crucial to help keep all of these areas in balance.

Committed to health, wellbeing and development

As the NHS’s biggest supplier of flexible staff, with a community of 180,000 Members working in more than 50 NHS Trusts, NHS Professionals is fully committed to supporting our current and future Bank Members as people, not just professionals. This means we’re committed to their health, wellbeing and development so they stay positive and strong for the long-term.

In fact, we’ve turned this commitment into a cast-iron promise to our Members: ‘We promise to welcome, support and celebrate Members as part of our flexible working community; benefiting their lifestyle, their career and our NHS.’

We’ve also enshrined this human dimension into our vision, which states: ‘We put people in places to care’.

We feel this emphasis on people is more important than ever, as we deal with the aftermath of an extraordinary two years tackling a global pandemic. We are passionate about supplying trained and skilled flexible staff to the NHS to help it tackle rising demand and make it more sustainable. But we are also passionate about the staff themselves and appreciate the sheer hard work it takes to provide consistently safe, high-quality NHS care and services.

Committed to flexible working

All of our Members have the chance to achieve that elusive balance: the balance between patients, colleagues, loved ones and, of course, themselves. Each one deserves time and energy and balancing them all can be hard. But having greater flexibility over when and where work takes place can make a positive difference. That’s why many have, and will in future, make flexible working a life-long career choice.

Midwife Teresa Walker is one of those who have chosen flexible working to help strike this balance. Teresa joined us in November 2019 and said: “NHSP has supported my work-life balance and family commitments enormously. While I still want to support the team and work on the unit, I have the ability to choose what suits around the needs of the family.”

Be part of our community

Joining NHSP also means Members are part of a community of flexible workers, all supporting the NHS, which is another ‘essential aspect’ of health and wellbeing according to our Chief Nurse Juliette Cosgrove.

She said: “Our Bank Members deserve a community where they can engage with each other, develop their skills and take care of themselves, ensuring they can build on the resilience they depended on during the pandemic to avoid burnout.

“We promise to be with them at every moment so that they can confidently build the flexible career that works for them.”

Find out more about NHS Professionals – and apply to join their Bank – through their website:

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