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This roundtable for SMEs will share best practice and discuss some of the current challenges and headwinds facing smaller employers, providing ideas for how to attract and retain the best talent. Find out what was discussed, request a copy of the white paper. 

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Proven Strategies: Request a copy of the White Paper

SMEs make a huge contribution to the UK economy. Recent Government figures show SMEs employ 61% of the total number of people employed by private sector companies. Despite benefiting from agile working in the early days, when they scale it can be hard to keep ahead of the game when it comes to competing with the HR resources of larger companies. Yet more and more jobseekers are looking for flexible and family-friendly employers and asking questions about supportive policies. How can smaller businesses stay ahead and compete effectively in the talent market?


At a roundtable on 24th January 2024, we talk to some of the most successful SMEs* about how they ensure they stay ahead of the game when attracting and retaining the best talent. We’ll also be taking a look at future challenges to ensure businesses can plan for change. 


  1. The current picture
    What are the main challenges for SMEs when it comes to recruitment and retention in a difficult economic climate?
  2. Flexible and hybrid working
    Are there opportunities for SMEs in view of the pressure to move back to the office more days of the week? What are the challenges of coordinating people on different working patterns or in different locations? This will look not just at remote or hybrid work, but also at part-time and other options and how these can be tracked or improved to ensure employees are not sidelined and how agile practices can be maintained as companies grow.
  3. Family friendly policies
    How can SMEs compete with the larger employers when it comes to family friendly policies, such as enhanced parental leave, reproductive health support and so forth?
  4. Health and wellbeing
    Following up on the ongoing Government consultation on occupational health, there is a big interest in ensuring that work doesn’t exacerbate health issues, that those with health issues don’t drop out of the workforce or are helped back in, where possible. How can SMEs band together to provide better services? What does good look like?

* Attendees included representatives from the following companies: Addin365, HTG, CharlieHR, Lem-uhn, Harper James, Membership Bespoke, A City Law firm, Vorboss, Technet, ONYX Insights, LS Productions, PostworksSystango and everywoman.

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