Advertising flexible jobs – how to attract the best applicants

Find out how and where to advertise flexible jobs to reach more candidates and find a good match for your vacancy.
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Flexible working is highly valued by job applicants in today’s marketplace, so if you can highlight flexibility in a job advert, you’ll attract more candidates. We share our learnings on how and where to advertise flexible jobs.

What is a flexible job?

Flexibility in a job can mean remote working, part-time hours, working from home, or that people can choose their own hours.

The Covid-19 pandemic proved to many employers that flexible working is effective, works better for many employees and can actually result in a range of business benefits. As a result, there has been a real growth in flexible remote jobs in the marketplace.

What’s appealing about the most flexible jobs?

A lot of people today are seeking good work-life balance. Achieving it is proven to improve wellbeing, productivity and happiness.

There are lots of ways that flexible jobs can benefit the workforce, whether it’s through eliminating commuting time, enabling people to get tasks done outside traditional working hours, or reducing the number of hours they work each week.

By advertising flexible jobs you can reach working parents, carers, pet owners, people who volunteer or people who do a lot of sports training – many employers find that they can access whole new sections of the job market.

How to advertise a flexible job

On recruitment websites make sure you promote a flexible job by ticking the relevant boxes according to what’s on offer. Make sure you mention job flexibility early on in the ad – either in the headline or the job summary.

Be specific about how the job is flexible. State clearly whether it’s a work from home job with flexible hours, if there are part time options or job sharing.

The best flexible jobs could even be open to suggestion. You could invite applicants to discuss their flexible job requirements at the interview.

Where to post flexible job adverts

Most job sites let you highlight the flexibility of a job, but there are also some job portals that specialise in this kind of role.

workingmums, workingdads and workingwise are examples. These site supports working parents and older, experienced workers to find flexible and part time jobs that will help them balance work with other  responsibilities such as bringing up a family, caring for an elderly relative or simply balancing with volunteering.

By posting your flexible job on these kind of sites you can access new communities of potential employees, many of whom are very experienced but who have struggled to find the flexibility at work that their lives demand.

In 2019 the UK government launched a website highlighting the most flexible jobs, to support people in finding this kind of work. As an employer you can sign up and share part time jobs with flexible hours or remote working options.

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