What are the key ED&I opportunities for 2024?


Here at WM People, we think there are some key opportunities within the realm of ED&I for 2024.

Day one flex and flexible working culture

The increasing acceptance and normalisation of flexible working arrangements are becoming imperative. It’s what employees want and is informing their employment choices. This isn’t just about offering flexibility, but also ensuring that it’s embedded into the company culture from day one. This involves redefining productivity metrics, building trust between employers and employees and creating inclusive policies that cater to various work styles and needs.

Talent attraction and retention through flexible working

As already mentioned, flexibility in work arrangements has become a significant draw for top talent. Employers need to showcase their commitment to accommodating various schedules and work setups to attract a diverse pool of candidates. Ensuring that flexible working isn’t just an option but is actively embraced by the organisation can significantly contribute to employee satisfaction and retention.

Learning and development integration

Embedding learning and development opportunities within every role is key to fostering an inclusive environment.

This involves creating clear, accessible and tailored learning pathways that accommodate different work patterns and schedules. It’s about ensuring that regardless of an individual’s work hours or style, or indeed age or career stage, they have access to resources and opportunities for growth and skill development.

Inclusive policies and practices

Organisations need to continually evaluate and refine their policies to ensure they are inclusive. This includes reviewing hiring practices, performance evaluation criteria and promotion processes to eliminate biases and create a level playing field for all employees.

Leadership, commitment and accountability

Leadership plays a crucial role in driving ED&I initiatives. Continuous commitment and accountability from the top are vital for creating a culture where diversity and inclusion are not just buzz words, but integral parts of the company’s DNA. In 2024 and beyond focusing on these opportunities can help organisations not only attract and retain top talent, but also foster an environment where everyone feels valued, included and has equal opportunities for growth and success.

WM People supports employers by sharing all the latest news, legislation and best practice, as well as delivering events, producing toolkits and providing access to a unique audience of experienced women, parents and older workers, all looking for flexible working opportunities with forward thinking organisations.

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